Building an exceptional brand depends on the ability to produce desire for your product. Our focus is on developing custom integrated solutions that touch all disciplines: Brand Strategy and Positioning, Corporate Identity, Art Direction, Digital Strategy. The result is a brand that resonates with its desired audience and stays true to its mission.

For your existing brand we offer training in brand personality, definition, activation and application, roadmapping, methodology and organization. We also offer development of proprietary brand standards and services for multiple customer touchpoints.
Brand Creation
A brand is not a logo, it is an experience. We dig deep into the DNA of a client's brand, its culture, products, and services, to discover the best possible solutions that express the ideal, the innovative or, even, the disruptive.
Brand Development
Strategy, Positioning, Standards
Creative Services
Brand Image Strategy, Corporate Identity, Creative Direction, Advertising Concepts, Graphic Design, Photography.
Digital Services
We always begin our projects by thinking about Digital. Our sister agency, Influence, takes our brand building expertise and applies thinking and methods that expand a client's marketing focus into a framework full of digital opportunities.
Digital Brand Activation
Information Architecture, User Interface Planning, Web Design, Social Media, Blogs, Email Campaigns 
Social Media
Brand Strategy, Tone and Voice Guidelines, Content Planning and Creation, Audience Targeting, Analytics, Team Training
BMW, Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, IBM, Time Warner, Versace Parfums, Woodbine Capital Advisors, Permal Asset Management.
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